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No Matter the Industry, No Matter the Market

Adapting to a diverse set of industries provides an opportunity to serve markets who can remain underserved. Creative engineers and technicians can take network practices from one industry and apply similar solutions to a new industry with unique data sets and a new base of end users.

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Rural Tribal Community Breaks the Broadband Barrier with Innovative Fiber Solution

When broadband access became a necessity during a global pandemic, the Mole Lake band of the Sokaogon Chippewa turned to CCI Systems and Astrea to enhance and optimize their broadband network while preserving their culture.



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Past and Current Clientele

Understanding Your Industry, Underlying Problems, and Applying Smart Solutions

No matter what the problems or intricacies of your industry are, the goal of any service provider remains the same: provide the best service for the subscriber. From municipalities to tribal communities to standard cable and telco providers, your situation and needs will be understood and met.


Service Providers

As interconnectivity through internet access continues to evolve on a global scale, service (or broadband) providers provide essential services for subscribers.

If your main course of business is providing broadband access to communities or fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to individuals, there's an expert who can help you find a solution.


Energy and Utility

There is a new utility in town and its name is broadband internet. Much like water, gas, and electricity, broadband is no longer becoming an option, it's essential. Need support or information on how to establish and grow broadband services as an energy cooperative or utility co-op?

This is the spot for you.


Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB)

Small and medium-sized businesses deserve the same attention that enterprise businesses receive. Every company has different needs and different sets of requirements to manage, so it's important to have an expert who is familiar with smaller-scale thinking and processes.

From managing resource constraints to helping you implement a solution to drive your business forward, let's assign you an expert who knows your situation.


Government and Tribal

Your communities are depending on you to make the best decisions for their wellbeing and the success of your area at large. With outdated infrastructure and technology not fit for future growth, changes need to be made. From tribal government to city, county, state, and beyond, the solutions you and your communities can depend on are here. 

Pricing and Planning

If you’re like us, one of the first questions you have is “How much does it cost”?

Going into a conversation about a solution without a general idea of how much it is going to cost or what information might be needed to help come to a number can make anybody uneasy. Take a look at how we approach pricing and what drives the numbers you are curious about.

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Recommendations Tell the Story

"You have employed an outstanding staff. They assessed my project and made recommendations based on my specific needs.  They followed through to make sure we got the support we needed to complete the project.”

"I have been impressed by the entire CCI team who has been helping us through a difficult set of circumstances recently.  Their eagerness to help coupled with the abilities and expertise they have are a refreshing combination that I am not used to seeing”

The Stats

The team and experience needed to make your most ambitious network solutions a reality

Over the years we’ve established a stellar team across all parts of our business to ensure that no matter who is assisting you, your experience is exceptional.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you are still unsure what solution would be best for you and your network, that’s okay. To help you discover what might be the best first step for your company, speak with an expert.

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