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Low Latency with Direct, High-Speed Connections

Subscribers expect an instant response for any service they’re paying for. Addressing slow speeds, latency, pixelation, and inconsistent uptime with real-time analytics and controls will enhance subscriber experience, reduce overall cost, and help minimize backhaul traffic. 

Intelligent architecture is the difference.

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Great Network Design Offers Predictable Outcomes

Remember the buffering screen on Netflix? There’s a reason that’s a thing of the past. Peering helped phase out buffering to deliver cloud-based content. 

As routing evolved, it’s become more efficient. Part of this evolution hinges on a thorough analysis of how a network is working. This deep dive optimizes the delivery of services onto your network. 

Those local services (or caches)—i.e. Netflix, Google, or Akamai—reduce latency, application failure, and enhance signal strength. But peering is not exclusive to only using an internet connection. It is nonlocal services, but it allows you connectivity to global services on a global scale.

Other reasons you should not overlook peering:

  • Designing for failure creates failovers to protect your subscribers from a network outage and application failure.
  • A shorter route from Point A to Point B translates to cost reduction.
  • Enhance local and cloud-based security mitigation from a brute force cyberattack or distributed denial of service (DDoS) threat.

At the end of the day, service providers are working to get voice and video content as close to the end subscriber as possible. This in turn lessens the network load, increases the subscriber experience, and protects the end user.

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The Plan

3-steps will get you closer to an optimized network that not only improves your visibility but reduces your costs.


Schedule a Consultation.

Talk it out! Meet up with an expert who understands your industry, your pain points, and knows the next steps to take toward achieving success.


Develop a Plan.

Let’s do this! Work to improve, optimize, and enhance network health with a sound plan.


Optimize Your Network.

Life just got much easier. Reduced stress and increased visibility of your network will create a productive, exciting environment for your employees and technicians.

Why Subscribers Need a Buffer-Free Experience

Predictable outcomes and high-speed connections result from real-time analytics, analysis, and flexible controls. That means, streaming services load instantly, subscriber Wi-Fi is running smooth, and complaints are at an all-time low.

By listening to your subscribers and adjusting as needed, high latency, outages, and network failures can be prevented to protect your reputation and customer experience.

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