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Modular Architecure

Clear Visibility into Your Network Starts Here

When you think about core, think of your network’s epicenter for routing and transporting services in the packet and optical domains. This is the literal backbone of your network. Improve clarity by being modular, resilient, fault-tolerant, and designing for failure.

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To Maintain a Stable Core, Leave It Alone

A stable core is a low-touch but high-impact component of your network. This is not to say it’s a set-and-forget scenario, but good design can isolate your services from the noise of oversubscription and offer dedicated capacity. Plus, a well-maintained core will insulate your network from bandwidth issues and elevate a service provider’s subscriber experience.

A small view of your network will make outages and lagging bandwidth harder to pinpoint. A panoptic view will create high predictability, meaning your technicians will know how the network will react. Unpredictability is a symptom of poor design. Instead, promise high uptime with fast internet speeds and take control of your core infrastructure.

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The Plan

3-steps will get you closer to an optimized network that not only improves your visibility but reduces your costs.


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Optimize Your Network.

Life just got much easier. Reduced stress and increased visibility of your network will create a productive, exciting environment for your employees and technicians.


Broadband and service providers in new and existing markets encounter common issues a solution provider has seen time and time again. Here are a few frequent obstacles faced within the Core module.

My network is oversubscribed and keeps growing. What is an immediate fix?

How can I increase the predictability of my network and see problems before they happen?

Our network bandwidth is maxed out and subscribe experience is falling.

How can I predict and budget appropriately if my network continues to grow?

How can I generate new revenue streams with new or existing fiber?

Stability Means Happy Subscribers

Don’t make a hard day even harder by a lack of visibility within your core. Get accurate readings and metrics to keep your subscriber experience above and beyond the expectations of your service area. 

Speak to an expert today who can access your baseline and predict your future.

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