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Grab New Subscribers with Simple Access

Separate yourself from the competition by focusing on good subscriber experience, not advertising speeds and feeds. The problem is providers prioritize time to online and time to revenue over intelligence-based services. Build a modular architecture by going deeper into the network to fuel growth.

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Think Subscriber Experience and Be Profitable

Access is under constant scrutiny to reduce cost per subscriber. This is a high-touch module with adds, moves, changes, and it’s the first place to start troubleshooting. By focusing on predictive planning, you can enable new services without a massive overbuild and maximize your investment.

Competition is everywhere. You can stay competitive by reducing subscriber churn. You need to add and turnup new subscribers quickly and produce high-quality add-on services with low latency to increase ARPU. Real-time visibility into the health of individual network services and proactive visibility to reduce truck rolls can give you the upper hand. 

If your access network has run out of bandwidth capacity and cannot stretch any further, the immediate response is an overbuild, which takes time. By implementing fiber-based technologies within a legacy deployment, you can keep the lights on while you evolve your existing access network. 

Put the subscriber first and word will spread.

A small view of your network will make outages and lagging bandwidth harder to pinpoint. A panoptic view will create high predictability, meaning your technicians will know how the network will react. Unpredictability is a symptom of poor design. Instead, promise high uptime with fast internet speeds and take control of your core infrastructure.

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The Plan

3-steps will get you closer to an optimized network that not only improves your visibility but reduces your costs.


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Talk it out! Meet up with an expert who understands your industry, your pain points, and knows the next steps to take toward achieving success.


Develop a Plan.

Let’s do this! Work to improve, optimize, and enhance network health with a sound plan.


Optimize Your Network.

Life just got much easier. Reduced stress and increased visibility of your network will create a productive, exciting environment for your employees and technicians.


Broadband and service providers in new and existing markets encounter common issues a solution provider has seen time and time again. Here are a few frequent obstacles faced within the Access module.

How can I extend and evolve my legacy cable network to stay competitive?

Can you help design and deploy a scalable FTTH solution with better service than Tier 1 providers in my service area?

How can I optimize OpEx by providing a better subscriber experience with less contention and more security?

I want to differentiate my services and subscriber experience.

Go Panoptic from an Agnostic Perspective

If you cannot get new subscribers on your network, you have a serious problem. Build an intelligence-based network through a modular approach today, so your subscribers are singing your praises tomorrow.

Find the right solution to access your network now.

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